April 14 (Sun) Workshop “Let’s Speak Japanese!” at Round and Round

The Workshop “Let’s Speak Japanese!” is back!
Are you fascinated with Japanese sweets and also the sound of Japanese language?
The  workshop “Let’s Speak Japanese” at Round & Round is for everyone who is interested in learning Japanese language but has never dared to try until now. In this workshop you will have a quick look at the structure of Japanese language and learn some useful expressions. You will be surprised how easy it is to start speaking Japanese!

 Host: Fumiko Miura, certified Japanese language instructor of Nihongo Labo Rotterdam https://nihongolaborotterdam.com/

Time: April 14 (Sunday), 2019 11:00 – 12:00
Venue: Cafe Round & Round Rotterdam


 After one hour of the workshop, you will be able to:
·      Greet in Japanese
·      Introduce yourself in Japanese
·      Order food and drinks at cafes in Japan

 You will also learn:
·      How to pronounce Japanese
·      Japanese writing & grammar system in a nutshell
·      Characteristics of Japanese language in comparison with English
·      Do’s and don’ts at cafes in Japan

 You will be provided with the list of words and sentences you have learned, Hiragana chart and grammar notes, so that you can look back and practice further at home.

 Maximal: 8 people
Workshop fee: 19.50 euro/p.p.

To sign up, please send e-mail directly to Round & Round