Welcome to Nihongo Labo Rotterdam!

Nihongo Labo Rotterdam is a place where you can improve your output skills of Japanese language. We offer Japanese language courses from beginners to advanced learners. Courses are tailored to your needs and interests.
We also offer courses for JLPT training from N5 to N1 level.


fmI am an instructor of Nihongo Labo Rotterdam, Fumiko Miura. I am a certified Japanese language teacher (with Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test qualification) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

In Tokyo, I was teaching Japanese at J’s Language School in Ebisu, Shibuya-ku. There I taught Japanese language to students aged from 5 to 55, from Asia, to Europe, Australia, and America. There I taught Japanese conversation for daily and business purpose, combining various lesson materials to match studens’ individual needs.  I have also given trainings for Japanese Language Proficiency Test, with successful results. In addition, I have taught Japanese to many children, both at private school and at Minato-ku municipal elementary school, with fun and interesting ways.

Born in Aichi pref. Japan, I have lived in Texas, Kobe, Rotterdam, Tokyo and now back in Rotterdam again. After having graduated from Kobe City University of Foreign Language, I worked for Japanese and American companies in Kansai area. In 2001 I came to live in Rotterdam, have completed Dutch language courses, and graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

I enjoy singing songs of Okinawa and Yaeyama along with Sanshin (Okinawan three stings).