Private lesson

Every Japanese language learner has different target and motivations to study Japanese. In order to assist you with reaching your goal, I would like to listen to your needs first and propose the best possible way to study Japanese.

I offer courses from beginners to advanced leve, and from easy travel conversation to reading professional reports and Japanese books.
Lessons can be given in direct method (all instructions in Japanese), or in combination with explainations in Dutch or English according to your preference.

Please let me hear your needs first by e-mail, and see what is the most suitable way to learn Japanese for you.

Travel Japanese
Are you traveling to Japan soon?
It would make so much difference with your stay in Japan if you can speak and understand a little Japanese. Just being able to say “Konnichiwa! (Hello!) ” or “Arigatou gozaimasu! (Thank you!)”, Japanese people will appreciate your effort and treat you even more friendly.
We offer a short Japanese language course for travelers who want to get the most out of your stay in Japan.


Japanese from Beginners to Intermediate level
If your goal is to master Japanese eventually on a higher level, we can work to build a firm foundation from the beginning.
We will see which lesson material is best suited for your study style.




Business Japanese
If you go to Japan on a business trip or do business with Japanese partners, you may see an advantage if you know some Japanese language and business culture.  Please let me assist you not only with language, but also learning how to behave in Japanese business environment and understanding the difference between Dutch and Japanese business culture.