NLR original Japanese materials

Nihongo Labo Rotterdam develops original Japanese study materials to help improve Japanese proficiency of our students.
Here you will find some of the materials to download. We are happy to make them available to people all over the world who love the Japanse language. Please enjoy!

New!  ふわふわパンケーキのつくりかた How to make fluffy pancakes
Recipe in English on PDF: click hier-> recipe fluffy pancakes


Tadoku – reading materials for beginners(初級者向け多読教材)

02.  カレーライスを つくりましょう!(click to download PDF file: NLR_tadokubook02curry)
Let’s make curry rice! — you can practice reading and learn how to make Japanese curry at the same time.








01. わたしのまち ロッテルダム (click to download PDF file: NLR_tadokubook01)
My city Rotterdam — Guide tour around Rotterdam